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Gold Peony Red

Gold Peony Red

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Notes of sandalwood, rose, and fruit candy.

Red tea from Fujian, China・April 2014・金牡丹紅・Organic

This tea is the last of four that came out of our collaboration with an experimental tea producer in northeastern Fujian. The cultivar is a new hybrid developed by the Wuyi Tea Research Institute less than a decade ago called Jin Mu Dan (Gold Peony). Originally intended for oolongs because of its aromatic qualities, we increased the oxidation rate and created a light-bodied but intensely fragrant red tea instead.

The leaves were handpicked in mid-April 2014. Only single leaves of comparable size were picked to ensure a consistent character and quality of the finished tea. The picked leaves were then shade withered indoors for 8 hours before they were gently rolled to accelerate enzymatic breakdown. The bruised leaves were allowed to rest until oxidation had overtaken the leaf – a step that extended into the next day.  A final light roast finished the tea. From handpicking to completion, Gold Peony Red took over 48 hours to complete.

This resulting tea brews with a beautiful vermillion color with a brightness and texture that is much lighter than most red teas. The taste is candy-like and longer steeps intensifies notes of sandalwood and rose without affecting a noticeable increase in either bitterness or astringency.

Brew: 5 grams・150 ml・203° F・1.5 min

Gold Peony Red has range, but we favor a brew that brings out the tea's aromatics - on the nose as well as on the finish. To enhance sweetness, simply reduce steep time. To increase depth and complexity - follow our guidelines.

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