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Dragonwell Garden Chrysanthemum

Dragonwell Garden Chrysanthemum

Notes of sweet rice and honey.

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September 2023

Notes of sweet rice and honey.

Caffeine-free Botanical Tea・Zhejiang・Organic

These tiny buds hail from the same garden as our White Dragonwell. Uncultivated, and largely untended, this 1200m tea garden in Zhejiang grows nearly wild. Clusters of tea plants line the hills, and rogue chrysanthemum flowers meander through their loose rows. Focused on the annual harvest of White Dragonwell tea, for many years these small chrysanthemum blooms weren’t considered for anything other than the gardeners’ own late-afternoon tea bowls. It was there that we discovered these delicate buds by chance one afternoon when Peter’s visit happily coincided with staff meal.

Steeped in hot water, these tiny blossoms unfurl across your tea bowl. The nearly translucent petals are remarkably hardy, with a warm, savory flavors that hold up steep after steep. You might taste delicate notes sweet rice, and honey. Or maybe you taste memories from your childhood- these little blossoms are a mature, elevated version of boxed Chrysanthemum tea, and pair perfectly with dim sum, or an afternoon snack.

Beautifully presented in a clear glass jar, or in a compostable 40g refill pouch.

Brew: 3 buds・300 ml・205° F・2 min

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