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Bishi Shui Jingui

Bishi Shui Jingui

Notes of frankincense, buckwheat honey, and coconut candy.


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May 2019
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Notes of frankincense, buckwheat honey, and coconut candy.

Oolong tea from Fujian, China・May 2019・碧石岩水金龜・Unsprayed

Bishi Shui Jingui is the second yancha (rock tea) in our collection. It is grown and harvested on Bishi Yan, Jade Stone Cliff, on the northern side of the Wuyishan Ecological Preserve. This government appointed preserve features pristine forests, a diverse array of natural vegetation, and iconic geology punctuated by pinnacles of rock. Only plants grown in this 70 square kilometer park are considered zheng yan, or true yancha teas.

Tea plants grow erratically in the rocky preserve, tucked into the valleys, terraces and crags between the steep cliffs. Due to the areas protected ecological status, the difficulty of trekking in and out to harvest leaves, and the low annual yield, true yancha teas are highly valued and create a competitive market. We acquired a scant 30kg of this limited tea.

Notably, Shui Jingui is one of only four famous “ming cong” yanchas - cultivars that are prized for exhibiting the essence of the Wuyishan terroir - teas that balance complexity, minerality, and texture. Bishi Shui Jingui was hand-picked in late May of 2019 then withered, oxidized, and twisted before undergoing multiple rounds of charcoal roasting that stretched across several months.

While we like to experiment with the crafting of many of our teas, we’ve chosen to honor the centuries long traditions of Bishi Shui Jingui. In keeping with the heritage of this ancient cultivar, we opted for a classic firing, with a long, deep roast. The result is layered and complex, yet nostalgic. Years of history, culture, and geography are distilled in a single cup.

Brew: 6 grams・150 ml・212° F・1 min

Bishi Shui Jingui is a deeply roasted yancha that yields intense flavors. We reduced the recommended dosage and steep time for this tea relative to Bishi Meizhan, the other true yancha in our collection, to account for this tea's robustness. Brew with a light hand - increasing time for a more sustained finish.

6 g
150 ml
212º F
1 min
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