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Jade Dew

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Notes of edamame, watermelon, and gingko.

Green tea from Sichuan, China・2017・玉露・Organic

This is an early harvest organic green tea crafted from a cultivar native to Sichuan. Its beautifully shaped, pale green leaves produce a tea of extraordinary clarity.

The source garden sits at 1200m on Mengding Shan. The garden is new, beginning first as a project to identify and produce tea from heritage tea varieties in a fully organic environment. The location of the garden is one of the essential contributing factors to this tea’s character: temperatures rarely exceed 59F/15C, and cloud and mist shroud the garden most of the year.

Jade Dew is the first variety from this garden to enter full production. Crafted from a small leaf cultivar commonly called “lao chuan”, this tea’s origins can be traced back to imperial tea gardens that produced green teas for the Song court during 12th century China.

This is a pre-Qing Ming green tea. The leaves were handpicked over the course of four days beginning March 25, 2017. Only the downy intact buds and attached leaves were picked to produce this tea. Total production this year was around 80kg of finished tea. We purchased 50kg.

This tea was produced using a more complicated heritage method for green craftsmanship. Once picked, the leaves were withered, steamed to set, fan dried, fired twice, and shaped. The resulting dry tea is then sorted, ensuring that what we received are all consistently sized bud and leaf combinations.

This tea brews clear and sweet, with notes of edamame, watermelon, and gingko.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・180° F・30 sec

This tea takes well to short infusions using slightly higher temperature than most greens. A characteristic of Sichuan green tea is a slight bitterness on the finish. We happen to like that slight bitterness, and think it adds dimension to this tea.  Short high temperature steeps will circumvent that slight bitter finish.