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Black Ore

Black Ore

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Hand-formed・Wood-fired glazed stoneware・170ml

This is one of the most dramatic pieces we’ve come across in the many years we’ve worked with Liao Guo Hua. Beginning with a Taiwanese clay body, the ceramicist blends in small iron oxide particles. The piece is hand-formed, partially glazed, then fired in a wood-kiln for 5 days.

What emerges reveals the transformative effect of wood-firing: dark gray and olive toned flecks express through the glaze, appearing like charcoal streaks on paper. The iron oxide particles express as rust-colored sun-spots on both the interior and unglazed portions of the exterior.

The pot body is amphora-shaped - with a gradual taper towards the bottom of the pot. Delicate lid finial, spout, and handle complete this tea pot.

Usage and care: Hand-wash with water only.

Approximate dimensions: 93mm tall, 65mm diameter

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