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Xue Long

Xue Long

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Notes of violet, roasted sweet potato, and pistachio.

Green tea from Yunnan, China・April 2019・雪龍・Organic

Xue Long, or Snow Dragon, is a green tea made from a large leaf variety indigenous to southern Yunnan Province, China. The unique cultivar, terroir, and craftsmanship of this tea produces a thick, rich brew with pronounced fruit notes.

Crafted from large leaf buds of a variety called xue ya #100, this is the same tea plant that is used to craft much of the region’s ubiquitous pu-erh. Hand-picked in early April, the buds are rich in amino acids and sugars, the building blocks of flavor and texture. Expert craftsmanship builds on that foundation. Each bud and leaf combination is first sorted for consistency, then withered for 10+ hours. The leaves are then fixed with steam, rolled, dried, and finally shaped by hand. The lengthy crafting process gives this tea’s richness and intensity, resulting in a texture akin to high mountain oolongs.

The Xue Long garden is certified organic, and located at 1400m near Simao, in central Yunnan. The clean environs and organic stewardship contribute to the quality and character of this tea.

The finished tea leaves are beautifully shaped. Curlycue, white downy buds are accented by bright green leaves. The brewed tea is rich and flavorful, with notes of violet, roasted sweet potato, and pistachio.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・185° F・1 min

The oolong characteristics of this green tea extends to brewing as well, not only offering multiple infusions, but also allowing for either longer or shorter steeps to achieve different outcomes. We’ve taken to allowing the leaves to free brew in a tea bowl, adding more water as we go.

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