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New Craft Meizhan

New Craft Meizhan

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Notes of bran, raisin, and ginger candy.

White tea from Fujian, China・April 2016・新工藝梅佔白・Organic

This is an organic white tea from Fuding County, custom-crafted for us using a new high-oxidation method that intensifies sweetness and depth.

The starting point is a cultivar called Meizhan. Originally from Wuyishan, Meizhan is typically made into dark, high-oxidized roasted oolongs. In 2013, we crafted our first white tea from this cultivar, and called it simply Meizhan White. The success of that tea inspired us to see how far we could go with our experimentation. In spring 2016, we began working with the tea maker on a richer, more intense Meizhan white.

The original Meizhan White underwent a 30 hour controlled dehydration. Achieved with air-flow and exact temperature controls, this dehydration period allowed the tea to gently oxidize as it dried. The end result was light, creamy, and floral. To make New Craft Meizhan, the tea leaves received a shorter 15 hour dehydration. While still pliable, they were then rolled, bruised, rested and dried. This new process increased the degree of enzymatic oxidation, and created a tea that is darker, richer, and more complex than the original. New Craft Meizhan exhibits the depth of an oolong, while retaining the brightness of a white tea.

Each bud and leaf combination was hand-picked over the course of a week in April 2016. The 500m elevation tea garden is organic, and pesticide-free.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・195° F・1 min

We prefer to brew for sweetness and texture with this tea. This means exact temperature control at 195F, and increasing intensity by lengthening steep time. Longer brews yield a more distinct ginger finish.

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