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Kankyû-an Whisk

Kankyû-an Whisk

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115mm length

Sustainably grown kurotake bamboo・Hand-crafted

As in sword-making, the weight of a chasen’s handle to tines is a mark of true craftsmanship. In our classic kankyû-an tea whisk, you’ll find a stout base paired with feather-light tines that follow true Takayama tradition, honed over half a millennia. Young kurotake bamboo, harvested from the forests of Shikoku Island, is aged two years, slowly darkening in tone from green to black.

The kankyû-an style, preferred by Sen No Rikyū, features straight tines and is best suited for flat-bottomed tea bowls in the Raku tradition. Sen No Rikyū was the 16th-century master of tea ceremony and cultivated the practice of wabi-cha, a simple, humble preparation of tea ideally suited to our Old Grove Matcha. Available with blue or purple string. Beautifully presented in a paulownia wooden box.

*Please note that handmade items are inherently unique. The whisk you receive may vary slightly from the picture.

Proper Care: prepare whisk for use by dampening in warm water to relax the bamboo fronds. To clean simply rinse under running water, without soap or detergent. Store upright.

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