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Hello, we're Song Tea!

Hello, we're Song Tea!

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It's nice to meet you.

For the uninitiated, our tea collection may appear a bit daunting. We get it. Every year we source around thirty strange and unusual harvests, some with unpronounceable names or seemingly contradictory tasting notes. So where does one begin? Well, let’s start with introductions: Hello, we’re Song Tea! It’s nice to meet you.

This little box contains our favorite teas, in one approachable collection. These four teas are the best illustration of our character, representing the flavors, textures and profiles that Song Tea is known for. Think of these as our gateway teas, the perfect way to expand your horizons, or to get your friends hooked on the good stuff. Once you’re acquainted, we are confident that you’ll be eager for more. And like all good friends, we’ll be here.

The Hello, we’re Song Tea box is comprised of four pouches of loose leaf tea, each pouch contains enough for 3 servings (for a total of 12 pots of delicious tea). Teas in this box are: Cai Cha, Wild Tree Yunnan Red, Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout, and April 30 Amber.

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