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Hand-formed・Wood, soda-fired stoneware ・190ml

This pot is named for the artist’s application of vapor glazing techniques. During firing, soda is sprayed into the wood-kiln, the resulting vapor clings to the ceramic surface of each piece, vitrifies, and forms an unpredictably beautiful glaze.

On this piece, the result is a mottled layer of grey and sage, thicker and glossier on the backside of the pot, and speckled on the frontside.

Graceful spout, and unique elliptical lid finial. Seven outlets arranged in a hexagonal pattern for drainage. Unglazed stoneware, using a blend of Taiwanese and Japanese clay, then fired in a wood-burning kiln for five days.

Usage and care: Hand-wash with water only.

Approximate dimensions: 82mm tall, 72mm diameter

Size guide

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Metric quantities Ounce equivalent  Servings
30 grams (new size!) 1.05 oz. 5-8
60 grams 2.10 oz. 10-15
120 grams 4.20 oz. 20-30
240 grams 8.46 oz. 40-60