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Quiet Mornings @ Song

An Intimate Series of Tea Tastings with Song Founder, Peter Luong


$48.00 per person



About this experience

Mornings in the Song Tea studio are a quiet time. The fog that covers our coastal city makes the days start slowly, wrapping around us in a wooly blanket of grey. We lean into these qualities here in the studio, gradually bringing up the lights, setting a kettle to boil, running a finger across the canisters of tea in search of the perfect accompaniment to our mood…

It’s a time of reflection, and unfurling - both the twisted leaves of tea in piping hot water, and our minds and bodies as the sun slowly seeps through the windows and across the floor. Quiet Mornings at Song offers us the opportunity to share this liminal space with you, and to commune over pots of freshly brewed tea.

Join Song’s founder, Peter Luong in an intimate group setting, here in the studio. We’ll gather near the glow of the windows, brewing, sipping, and discussing the origins, flavors, and stories of each tea as the day outside begins its slow unfolding.

The theme for each session changes monthly, following a course set by the seasons, responding to harvest and roasting dates as they arise, and reflecting the teas and traditions that pique our curiosity and inspire further investigation. Each month we'll vary the theme of the teas we brew together so that each time you join us, there will be something new to discover. New themes will be announced monthly via newsletter, and on our events page. February's theme and dates are below. We hope you are able to join us.

Quiet Mornings @ Song in MARCH

Sat 3/11 + Fri 3/17 + Sat 3/18, 8.30am - 10.30am

Red Teas & a Sweet Treat: March’s Quiet Mornings @ Song feature a line up of fully-oxidized red teas, from the Song Collection, and our personal stash. Peter will be steaming sweet buns in the studio prior to our meeting; a small bite to accompany your teas.

$48 per person (non-refundable). Please note that steamed buns contain wheat and dairy. We are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions at this time.