Lishan Orchid

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Notes of orchid, butter mochi cake, and pine.

Oolong tea from Taiwan・November 2015・梨山蘭花香冬茶・Unsprayed

This tea is named after the mountain on which the leaves are grown, and for the innate florality it releases when steeped.

High grade Taiwanese oolongs are harvested twice a year. Spring teas come from leaves that sprout after winter dormancy. They are pungent and intense. Lishan Orchid is a winter tea, made from leaves that developed through late fall, and picked in November before the onset of winter. Winter oolongs are typically rounder in character and more floral than their spring counterparts.

We added this tea to our collection because it stands above most winter oolongs we've cupped from Taiwan. This tea's exceptional character comes from a combination of the tea plant's age, the tea gardens location, and masterful craftsmanship.

Grown on Lishan, Taiwan at 2000m, it was hand-picked in early November, 2015 from 20 year old Qing Xin tea bushes. The age of the tea bushes, and the cooler-climate high elevation growing region produce leaves that are rich in polyphenols - the basic building blocks of flavor, texture, and florality.

From there, the tea underwent nearly 24 hours of withering, bruising, firing and rolling, before it was low-temperature roasted for over a week. The final roasting step is essential in concentrating its flavor, and distilling the distinct orchid, butter mochi cake, and pine notes of the tea.

Brew: 6 grams・150 ml・203° F・2 min

Winter teas are easy to brew. We recommend not exceeding the recommended 203F - doing so will pull out more of the tea’s vegetal character and overwhelm its natural floral notes.