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Drip Server

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Unglazed stoneware・Wood-fired

We acquired seven of these over-sized servers from ceramicist Zhang Yun Cheng. Each is thrown by hand of stoneware. Though thin - especially for a piece that was fired for 5 consecutive days in a wood-burning kiln - the base is slightly weighted for balance.

None of the pieces entered the kiln glazed, but emerged with a unique “glaze” of vitrified fly ash. All servers feature dramatic drips on both the exterior and interior walls - some pooling at the foot.

We think this server is especially well-suited for a range of brew volumes.

* Please take note that each server can be slightly different in color tone and texture. It is not unusual to have areas of thicker ash glazing, and/or colorations that reflect the different interactions between the mineral content of the clay body and fly ash glaze. Each server is different, and may not be identical to the photographed item.

Approximate dimensions: 105-110mm tall, 90mm diameter, 300ml capacity・Artist: 張允澄

Size guide

More familiar with our old quantities? Here’s the conversion:

Metric quantities Ounce equivalent  Servings
30 grams (new size!) 1.05 oz. 5-8
60 grams 2.10 oz. 10-15
120 grams 4.20 oz. 20-30
240 grams 8.46 oz. 40-60