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Bud + Leaf Baimudan

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Notes of lemon verbena, almond, and rock sugar.

White tea from Fujian, China・April 2017・一芽一葉白牡丹・Organic

This Bud + Leaf Baimudan consists of a one-to-one proportion of silvery leaf buds to young primary leaves. This balanced proportion of buds and leaves produces a tea that delivers sweetness, florality, and texture.

White tea quality is a function of both provenance and leaf growth stage. The highest grade classic white teas come from Fuding County, in northern Fujian Province. Fuding’s terroir - coastal, yet protected by a single range of mountains - creates a cool and clean environment for tea to thrive. Teas from Fuding are characteristically sweet.

Baimudan, meaning “white peony” in Chinese, is a white tea that consists of a blend of buds and leaves. The relative proportion of the two determine the tea’s quality, and its character. As its name would suggest, our Baimudan consists of an equal proportion of buds to leaves. A step down are baimudans that consist of a bud + two leaves, and finally, a bud + three or four leaves. Each step down increases astringency, and bitterness. Each step up increases aromatics, texture, sweetness, and complexity.

Our Bud + Leaf Baimudan comes from the same organic producer who crafted our Arbor Yinzhen and New Craft Meizhan. The bud and leaves were picked in early April, then withered and air-dried over a 30 hour period. During this period, mild oxidation transformed the buds and leaves, producing a tea with exceptional clarity, aroma and texture, with notes of lemon verbena, almond, and rock sugar.

Brew: 4 grams・150 ml・195° F・1 min

We suggest similar brew parameters for all white teas, using water that ranges between 195 - 205F, with a starting steep time of 1 minute. Extend steep time for larger volumes. A shorter steep time at lower temperatures produces a very bright and floral tea. Longer steep times and higher temperatures increases complexity and finish.