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Mr. + Mrs. Chen's Oolong



Notes of palm sugar, strawberry milk, and green grape.

Packaged in vacuum-sealed 100 gram (3.5oz) bricks.

This small batch organic oolong is the collaborative effort between a husband and wife. Her family has produced tea for 85 years, but always on contract for other growers. His family were vegetable farmers, with knowledge and experience in growing and maintaining crops. The tea they crafted together is beautifully complex and delicious.

Mr. and Mrs. Chen own a small 1200m garden on Zhushan, Nantou County, Taiwan. The garden is small, a stroll around the perimeter takes less than a quarter hour. Production is likewise low. In 2015, the garden produced only 300 catties of tea, split between spring and winter harvest. This year, its spring output is little less than 200 catties. After cupping their production from 2 years earlier, we committed to purchase 30 catties of the 2016 crop, a good two weeks before harvesting even began.

What makes this tea special is the combination of organic garden management and skilled craftsmanship. The garden itself forgoes all pesticides and herbicides - and the only fertilizer used is made from organic soybean meal. The leaves were hand-picked May 2, 2016 - then oxidized to a high enough degree to accentuate the tea’s natural fruit notes. The finished tea was then low-temperature baked for over a week to concentrate flavors and enhance sweetness. The result is a thick, almost unctuous oolong with notes of palm sugar, strawberry milk, and green grape.