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Pear Ash Kettle & Round Brazier, Large

Pear Ash Kettle & Round Brazier, Large

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Wang Wen De 王文德
kettle: 105mm tall, 120mm dia. / brazier: 123mm tall, 133mm dia.


This stunning two-part set from Taiwanese master potter, Wang Wen De, features a water pot and matching brazier, for use in keeping water hot during your gong fu tea brewing practice. Fully functional, there is space within the brazier to set a small sterno burner or tea light.

Wang Wen De is a master of visual tension. Throughout his work, soft lines play against geometry, and ethereality pairs with gravity. This set is no exception and features a sweeping glaze of pear wood ash that trickles over the form in rivulets of blue and green. The delicate hand-built spout and lid are both offset by a thick brass handle, wrapped in lacquered reeds, it’s dark colors mirroring that of the form. The weighted base of the brazier is unusual for the artist’s work, which is known for its thin, light materiality, but this piece is rendered with soft curves that invite tactility, that pair well with the delicate lines of the pot, and ensure the stability of the form.

Usage and care: This pot is not intended for brewing tea, but rather for hot water. During an extended tea practice, this serves as the water to refill your teapot across multiple steeping. As such, cleaning may not be necessary, but this pot can be hand-washed with a mild detergent.

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