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New Cultivar Matcha 2019, 20g

New Cultivar Matcha 2019, 20g

Notes of crème fraîche, oat milk, and jasmine rice.


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2019 / Ground 2024
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EU standard conventional

Notes of crème fraîche, oat milk, and jasmine rice.

Aged matcha from Kyoto, Japan・2019・展茗・EU Standard

Tenmyou is a newly developed cultivar created by the Kyoto Tea Industry Research Center in 2006. It was selected from a natural hybrid of Samidori seedlings, a long-established varietal from Uji, Kyoto. The fourth-generation tea farmer sowed these seeds just 11 years ago.

Terrain between Mount Kannabi and the Kizu River is varied, with plots that range from sandy to clay-like, with mineral density dependent on proximity to the riverbed and elevation in the low-lying hills. Sunlight, tule fog, and microclimates across the greater garden create vast differences in quality from plot to plot, so each cultivar’s location is carefully considered when planting. These Tenmyou trees were planted at the crest of a hill 50m above the river basin where frost is rare and the thick clay soil easily retains water, natural fertilizers, and nutrients.

In standard practice, spring harvest Tenmyou are de-stemmed and deveined before resting in refrigerated storage units for several months. This tea deviates from this process as the leaves, or aracha, are left whole, adding depth and flavor to the tea’s final character. The leaves are then cut into small pieces called tencha. Tencha becomes matcha simply by being stone ground to a fine powder.

In another, and perhaps more interesting deviation from standard practice, this tencha underwent 36 months of extended resting and aging before being stone ground to order for Song. Aging allowed the young tea to soften and mature in flavor, removing any sharp edges and bitter notes. Time serves also to round and mellow the the tea’s mouthfeel and character, creating a final product with the creaminess and aromatics of fresh milk. Beautifully presented in a 20g paulownia wooden box.


Brew: 1 gram・70 ml・170° F・whisk in a "w" pattern until frothy

New Cultivar Matcha is best prepared as usucha, a thin-style tea that allows the flavors to unfurl as you sip without overwhelming the palate. Usucha preparation mirrors that of traditional matcha, with slightly less tea powder required. We offer Tea whisks and scoops to complete your matcha service.

On storage: Ground matcha has considerable surface area and poses a risk of inadvertent oxidization. Please refrigerate while not in use. Allow package to come to room temperature before preparing. 

1 g
70 ml
170º F
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