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Profile: Earth


Humus, peat, loam, and clay are all deeply evocative words for earth, conjuring sensations of springy soil beneath our feet, or in the case of gardens, one’s hands. In an instance, a scotch described as peaty is understood by all; minerality brings to mind wine from volcanic regions like Hungary or Santorini… Thus, it’s no stretch to describe a tea as earthy. 

In the Song Collection, a handful of teas fit this description to a, well, tea.  Brewed, some lend themselves most easily to poetic descriptors - a soft patch of soil at the base of a redwood giant, or water drawn from a deep granite pool… While floral and light, Purple Rose nonetheless has notes of burdock, freshly uprooted. Ruby recalls the warm, musky qualities of a coconut husk, and Buddha’s Hand is redolent of malted barley, dark and mineral-rich.

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